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Jun 1, 2013 | Sensory Goodness

michael chase

(Michael Chase)

Blissed out.  That’s my goal with alternative healing. Acupuncture is nothing short of miraculous for my body and mind.  When I see that the usual course of action is not enough to treat even a cold, acupuncture shifts both the healing process and the mindset I have about the illness.  In fact, I have learned invaluable lessons I struggled to discover anywhere else while laying on the acupuncture table.  I have written about the huge benefits of acupuncture in my own life, and the vital importance of a great practitioner hat is confident and that you trust! So, as I launch into my own weekly sessions on the acupuncture table, I wanted to share the tips I’ve learned to prepare for an acupuncture session. 

My Way Of Preparing For Acupuncture

1. Eat! If you don’t eat a bit before a session its not as good.  Don’t eat a giant meal, but eat a bit beforehand.  Acupuncture relies on your energy and if you don’t have enough energy you are shortchanging yourself.

2. Wear loose clothes. Think yoga wear, but with loose enough pants that you can get the needles where they need to go.

3. Shower beforehand. This was a big trick I learned.  If you shower and really exfoliate (scrub with a good scrub, loofa, washcloth) beforehand, you are really ready.   The reason? My acupuncturist advises not taking a shower afterward for up to a day so you don;t “wash off” the energy.  Seriously.  Its worth a try!

4. Skip the extra large coffee.  Cut down the caffeine before a session so your body can relax and tune in.  You don’t have to skip it, just have less for now.

5. Ditch the perfumes.  For a multitude of reasons, chemical perfumes can disrupt your energy work.  Leave it behind. Aromatherapy is fine, but see if you can use aromatherapy afterward, and for a specific reason if you do!

6. Remind yourself of the reason. Before each session, remind yourself of why you are going.  Get clear on the fact that you are helping your body to heal and that you have a hand in the healing process.

If you are fortunate enough to have the access to homeopathic healing and Traditional Chinese Medicine as healing options, as not everyone does at this point, make the very best of it!  xoxo Dana

(Note: always consult your medical doctor before starting any physical treatments and take the time to research and hire well-qualified practitioners in their fields.)

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  1. Marcy

    I also like to give myself an easy day or 2 after my session, to not have to do much. So that I can really relax and let the energy keep working.


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