6 Artists I Just Discovered In Mega Color

Jun 3, 2013 | Life With Art

Andy Gilmore

(Andy Gilmore) 

This week’s six new artists I’ve come across have several things in common: hot colors and a sense of massive confidence in using these clear tones to communicate.  Let’s hear it for a group of artists that are all so very different, but all riveting in their searing hues- (like Andy Gilmore, above)- who can turn heads and make a very decisive impact.

Dylan Opet

(Dylan Opet) 

Super technicolor melting, static-filled and flaring… sort of the way we see in the digital age.


How I love this nuanced, contrasting and cracking tableau on film by William Miller.


(Stanley Casselman)

I get so excited at the swooshing horizontals of paint that make field of color stretch like ideas in my mind!

Sonia Haberstich

(Sonia Haberstich)

How fun and almost edible are these orbs of watercolor sheer and layered drippy brights?!

Lonneke Van Der Palen

And Lonneke Van Der Palen makes a landscape look like fruit punch wrapped in cellophane….a playful and yet very serious view of the ocean and sky as though they could be consumed on a whim.

Live with more art…its so good for you!!!  xoxo Dana




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