Beachy Sea Glass Colors

Jun 3, 2013 | Home Style

sea glass

As a child walking on the Jersey shore, I would hoard sea glass and stash it in a secret spot in our beach house.  It was so luminous, rich and opalescent that I was sure it was a rare, precious jewel.  When I learned that sea glass was actually the product of the ocean sand wearing down pieces of glass that entered the ocean…well… that made me love it more! Sea glass colors are the beach and cool yet somewhat frosted and magically satiny colors that are perfection for gathering rooms and awesome accents. 

sea glass

I can look at these walls and just dream. This nearly see-though blue is a breath of fresh air.



How absolutely crazy awesome are these homemade bath salts crafted to resemble sea glass in the sand!?!

sea glass


Art shines against a light-filled sea glassy robin’s egg blue.

sea glass


Each piece of sea glass is like a time capsule.  Here, whole glass bottles that magically made their way intact and remained intact in the sea washed ashore, transformed.



And if you are looking to “wash” a room (or a piece of furniture) in fresh color, this room proves that you don’t have to paint it all.  A few boards provide the effect, and the light wash adds to the feeling of frosting that is straight-from-the-ocean freshness!


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  1. Sherri

    Love the first room with “nearly see-through blue’ walls. Can you tell me the name of the color paint used and the brand? I would love to use it in my family room. Love your web site…thanks for your help ~ Sherri ~

    • danaclaudat

      omg i have no idea, and i wish I did. get color samples that look close and patch test in the room in average light to see how the colors will actually look 🙂


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