Balcony Beautification To Create Outdoor Living Space!

Jun 5, 2013 | Home Style



Outdoor space on balconies is the most often neglected, not because we don’t have the desire… but because we often lack the inspiration.  Depending on your climate and architectural restrictions, a balcony can be everything from a beautiful view to an extra room of your home.  Here are some ideas to get you started in balcony beautification. 



Balconies with high walls and lots of protective overhang can serve as a complete “outdoor room” in many seasons.  This clever set up includes a tray you can bring out to serve drinks on your all-weather balcony, some lanterns on the ground (much better than the dangerous practice of hanging lanterns, and a great carpet that can be rolled up in the case of rain.


Here we are a bit less elaborate and much more use-friendly for the average home.  A small wooden bench can get enriched with pillow you can bring outside when its nice out, buckets of flowers and plants that can also travel through your home, and an even more simple rug that can make its rounds as well.

feng shui balcony

By laying down some wood panels on the ground and adding a fabulous console table and a professionally-rigged vertical garden.   I am moderately obsessed with the fabulous candle holders in the corner filled with melted candles that have illuminated a night.

Also, a little bonus feng shui: your balcony may just “extend” an area of the bagua of your home (more on this HERE), and thus extend an area of your life, so it behooves you to spruce it up!!!


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