Have You Been Celebrating The Good Stuff?

Jun 5, 2013 | Creativity



Ever feel like you are in an uphill battle (um, like every day) to get to where you want to be in some area of life?  Even when good things happen, the road ahead seems so long and the potential disappointments along the way if you are really invested in anything (be it a relationship or a job, a fitness routine or an art project, really… anything… ) can be so daunting that you become stoic.  Nothing is worth getting too excited about, right?

” I don’t want to get too excited, because it’s really not done yet.”

” I still have a long way to go.”

“Can’t count my chicken’s before they hatch…”

Does this sound like you? 



Let this serve as a reminder to you & me that celebration is key.

If you don’t celebrate the steps along the way to any goal- even the steps you take just to get your life organized- here’s what could happen:

  • You reinforce the idea that happiness lies in a far-away place.
  • You stop being as grateful and start complaining.
  • You get stressed and discouraged more easily because a project has no milestones you can remember.
  • You lose steam when things get challenging because the process seems endless.
  • You become less passionate because its celebration that brings ease and rest into the equation, feeding your emotional connection to what you are doing.

And… its just a major drag to not celebrate!

By celebrating, you don’t need to throw a party, although you could.  Just don’t take an hour off to watch TV and cal lit a celebration.  Get people involved! Or indulge in something you’ve always wanted to try! Go dancing!  Take a trip to the beach.  Whatever it is… make it memorable– and don’t work while you are doing it! Fully enjoy it….and things will flow so much better!

Major thank yous to Milton Katselas and Al Mancini for this important lesson that still has to sink in fully in my life, too. They forced me to realize that my endless “poor me” complaining was due in part to the fact that I refused to celebrate anything until it was not just completely finished, but also finished exactly how I wanted it to be finished.  Perfection does not allow for much celebration, so if you are thinking that once it’s “perfect” you can let loose, think again!

Are there some things you have neglected to celebrate? Are you willing to try to celebrate them???

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xoxo Dana


  1. Marcy

    Yes, I’m a firm believer in celebrating. Especially anytime I undertake a project that seems challenging in some way, no matter how big or small, I celebrate. I like to just announce outloud my excitement, and say “Yay!” And then I just feel good about moving forward

    • danaclaudat

      I want to hang out with you Marcy. I love how you live your life!!! xxx

  2. Valerie, NZ

    Thank you, Dana – love all your posts, they’re really helpful and so encouraging.

  3. Joyce

    I really needed this pep-talk, Dana. I guess after so many birthdays and anniversaries (my own!), I’ve gotten lazy and let every day be just like every other–still good, but you’re right, celebrating is so much fun, and why not do something different or special a few days out of the year (at least!)? Thank you for helping me see the light. 🙂

    • danaclaudat

      xoxoxoxo Joyce- celebrate yourself so bigly!!!! xoxoxoxo



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