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Jun 6, 2013 | Feng Shui 101



Weddings are the most magical of days, and with a bit of modern feng shui, they can be taken to a new level.  Here are some impeccable feng shui tips to prepare for your wedding or for any big party in high-energy and style, courtesy of Carol Olmstead!

Feng Shui For Weddings and Parties, by Carol M. Olmstead 

Every bride dreams of the perfect wedding day, and every host wants to make sure that all guests have a great time. Whenever you’re planning a party – whether it’s a grand wedding, an intimate home dinner party, or anything in between – incorporating a bit of Feng Shui can help assure harmony. From finding the right wedding dress, to selecting the colors for the table linens, when you follow these simple Feng Shui guidelines you can help take the stress out of wedding planning or party prep.

Choose Complementary Colors. Certain color combinations are more auspicious than others in Feng Shui, so choose the colors for the bridal party dresses, flowers, table linens, and cake decorations accordingly. The combination that is considered most harmonious for a bride and groom is the traditional black and white, because it relates to the balance of yin (female) and yang (male) energies. Some positive Feng Shui combinations for a party include yellow and red, green and blue, purple and green, red and pink, and metallics with yellow or blue. Avoid paring red with metallics because this is considered unlucky in Feng Shui. Choose table linen colors representing the Earth Element, like honey, olive, or cocoa to ground everyone and reduce any stress.

 wedding flowers

Pick the Right Flowers. Select flowers for the bridal bouquet or party centerpiece according to their meaning. For example, peonies represent longevity, chrysanthemums mean happiness, orange flowers symbolize prosperity, tulips bring sensuality, and roses symbolize love. For wedding centerpieces, include a branch or something representing the Wood Element to symbolize growth of your union.

wedding dressPick the Right Venue. If possible, choose a location for your wedding celebration or catered party where you can see beautiful gardens, flowing water, or rolling hills. Holding your wedding ceremony outside will attract lots of positive chi, especially if the location is near gently moving water. If your reception is inside, make sure the venue has a high ceiling and that there are no heavy beams, which would symbolically weigh down on the occasion.

 Round Out Your Table Shape. The best Feng Shui shape for a table is round or oval, which encourages harmony among the guests and makes conversation flow easily and your guests feel more relaxed. It’s best to avoid square or rectangular tables because their sharp corners could create conflict. If you have to use these shapes, be sure to cover them with tablecloths or drape the sharp edges with garlands.

 Shine On. Make sure your venue is well lit, and decorate with crystal glasses and candlesticks to reflect even more light. If your location has crystal chandeliers the reflected light will double the positive chi for the occasion. Add crystals to your dress, shoes, or wedding veil, and the extra sparkle will chase away any negative chi.

Say Yes to the Off-White Dress. Feng Shui principles suggest that a wedding gown in ivory, cream, ecru, and off-white is luckier than pure white because these are natural colors that represent the Earth Element energy. In Asia, the most auspicious color for wedding dresses is red because this is the color of happiness. A Western bride can add a pop of red somewhere, like in the wedding bouquet or hair ornament. If you choose a gown that has been worn before, avoid one if you know the marriage ended in divorce.

Remember Something Old, Something New. Many Western brides follow the tradition of wearing “something old, something new, something borrowed, something blue.” If you follow this tradition, be sure you receive these items from a friend or relative who is happily married so they will transfer their positive energy to you.

Wishing you lots of love & light! xoxo Dana


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