Gentian Flower To Overcome Self-Doubt!

Jun 8, 2013 | Sensory Goodness

Flower essences are the most magical of energetic substances that have entered my life.  Each flower soaked in water in the sun to release its specific vibration carries with it a story and the ability to infuse your life with its tale.  While not all of these flower essence energetic elixirs are made the same, Alexis Smart has captured the best of these flowers and creates beautiful- and transformational- remedies with them.  Today, she is going to share the reason for Gentian flower, an essence that can help you to overcome your self-created limits caused by doubt and disappointment, to restore your faith in yourself!
From Alexis: Gentian is for doubt, discouragement, lack of faith and depression from known causes. This is for an everyday kind of depression we all may feel when things don’t go the way we had hoped. Gentian types tend to prepare for the worst in life and call it a “realistic attitude.”  We are all learning, more and more, how our thoughts and feelings can effect the outer circumstances of our lives, so it is no surprise that Gentian types often attract those very negative circumstances they were fearing. After taking Gentian, you learn an even more important lesson…that you don’t need to have conditional love for life, where you think: “If things go well, I can be happy and if things don’t go well, I will be bummed out.” You find out you can be happy right now, regardless of what is going on outside of your self. When things start going your way, that is just icing on the cake.
Gentian is also very helpful in illness, when someone has been progressing or getting better but whenever there is a setback they lose faith and forget how well they were doing.
Gentian is in my formulas:


tavin-orange-150x150Alexis Smart is a Bach flower remedy practitioner who lives in Los Angeles. Seeing her clients heal from emotional issues they thought were impossible to overcome inspired her to create a line of formulas to address the most common issues people face in our modern world. They treat everything from heartbreak to writer’s block. More recently, she introduced a line for children.

Alexis Smart is available for personal consultations/custom flower remedy blends. You can contact her as well as find her products here & can you findAlexis Smart Flower Remedies on Facebook here.


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