Is Telepathy Possible?

Jun 10, 2013 | Sensory Goodness

andy gilmore

(Andy Gilmore)

In the vast array of things I wonder about, telepathy has not ever been something I’ve wondered: I always have assumed it is possible.  After all, where do all those “coincidences” come from where you think of someone and they appear, you hear from someone exactly what you imagined they’d tell you or perhaps you see things in dreams.  Whatever the mechanism, it always seemed to me that it was absolutely possible that in the monstrous part of our brains that we don’t use, somewhere in those depths, there was the ability to telepathically communicate.

Now, researchers at Duke are proving it!

THIS fascinating study  is a very science-heavy detail of the study that is broken down into words you can understand right HERE at Humans Are Free.   The gist? Using small brain-wave tracking devices, rats were able to “telepathically” communicate with one another, even in the span between North and South America.  Yes, this is really fascinating stuff.

What does it mean to you & me? My personal take-away is that I stand a chance of having a positive impact on others if I think good thoughts toward them, even if we aren’t on the phone or talking in person.  Its a beautiful metaphor for how united we truly are, despite superficial differences!

Do you believe in telepathy???

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  1. joyshree

    Hi dana… I agree with you…that makes sense!


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