A Note For The People-Pleasers!

Jun 11, 2013 | Uncategorized

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When I first started blogging, my intention was to make everyone happy.  I imagined what would potentially be what other people liked and I tried to squeeze what I wanted to share into that mold. I hated it. I stopped.

I started a Tumblr that was full of all of what I liked. It became a big hit, probably because I loved it and decided not to censor myself. I occasionally get “not nice” messages and comments. Sometimes more than occasionally. I resigned myself to being OK with it if someone didn’t like my art style or my take on decor or anything else. Even if they were mean to me for no real reason, I let it go.

Its not about me.  But when I thought it was, I quit doing what I loved because I wanted to make everyone happy.  You can’t please everyone, so I’d rather give my own personal best and let the chips fall where they may.

I am always looking to give you more cool stuff you want to know (that’s inspiring to me) so always feel free to send your feng shui- design- holistic lifestyle questions along!  And let’s all not get discouraged in everyone doesn’t like us…! xoxo Dana


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