Does your Home Feel “Off Balance” ?

Jun 11, 2013 | Feng Shui 101


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There are so many ways that a space can  feel “off” (color, furniture, air quality, etc, etc, etc), but the most overlooked “off-ness” is actual visual and physical balance. 

If you have a home with furniture on one end of a room  and nothing at the other, you are actually quite perilously off kilter.  Imbalance can affect your physical sense of equilibrium, your feeling of well-being, your ability to focus…

If your floors are slanted, a frequent NYC condition, buy yourself a level and level out your furniture by propping under the legs to even things out. It will help your sense of visual balance. The bast case scenario is to fill the warped floor and re-do the flooring in a  level fashion, but I know that is not always possible.

Art that is hung and tipping to one side or another will exacerbate a feeling of imbalance.  Level out those photos and all of your art.

If you notice cracks in your walls or  floors, check your home/building foundation professionally or bring it to management attention if you rent. An imbalanced or cracked foundation of a home can be dangerous, so if you discover this, take action immediately. You will be so happy you did!


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  1. Chelsea

    What about carpet.. I am Ina renal apartment with carpet and I hate it. Nothing seems to work because I can’t get over the carpet. The windows in every room are great though. What is your advice for overcoming this problem ?

    • danaclaudat

      Ah, I have had that problem. 1. replace it. if you can pro-rate the cost over a year if you plan to be there for a while, it pays for itself or 2. put down throw rugs over the carpet, though this can be just as expensive as just installing floors. I wish there was a batter way!!! 3. If you do have concrete or wood beneath your floors you can always refinish THAT if your building will allow it (cheapest way if it can work)
      xx dana

  2. Ann

    Hi Dana,
    You are inspiring me to find out my next purpose now that me youngest child of 5 is nearly through university and I have time to work out who I am and what I want to do. Thank you. And to create a home environment that I can happily and healthily live in.
    My problem is that I live with a husband who is restoring a motorbike in our garage which is only separated from the hallway and open plan living area by a sliding door.
    The toxic solvents, bog and paint that he uses mean I can hardly breathe- he is very poor at ventilating the area! The whole house gets affected- and the noise of the compressor he uses drives m out of the house with a headache.
    I’ve tried to ask for consideration by way of air flow in and out of the garage, I’ve arranged times of being out for him to work freely, but I’m at my wit’s end and feel hurt by his inconsiderate attitude and that I am being driven way from my own home. It feels like I live in a factory!
    He even did this when he knew I was bringing my 4 year old granddaughter home to stay the night- and she has asthma!
    It’s a toxic environment because of the fumes and his attitude. Any advice??

  3. Ann

    Hi again
    I didn’t mention that there is an outer door, a window and double garage doors that could be opened to let the smells out, but because ‘he can’t smell it’ he doesn’t ‘think about it’.


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