The Five Elements In Art!

Jun 11, 2013 | Life With Art


(Sigmar Polke)

In feng shui, the Five Elements- wood, fire, water, metal & earth- comprise all of life, even our bodies. To make specific feng shui-based changes in your life, you can add or subtract a specific element. If you want to get really fancy, in a professional consultation an element is used in a certain place in a home more than another to create desired effects. If you what these elements looked like when represented in physical form, I thought that some art would illustrate it all very well. While these are not the only ways to represent an element, they are ways that work!

The Sigmar Polke window above is a combination of geodes in a thick stone wall. Welcome to a fabulous way to add earth element to your home: crystals.


 (Alejandro Almanza Pereda)

Plants. Wood. While the neon is certainly a dose of fire, wood here shines in the array of houseplants!


(Henry Hargreaves)

Fire. Can it be more obvious that this? I will say that the reflective shine mixed with fire doubles its elemental potency!


(Hein Koh) 

I melt at the site of Hein Koh.  This shimmery, sparkling metal element masterpiece has both the circular shapes and dazzling twinkle of focusing metal element.

blue sponge

(Yves Klein)

Diving into the emotional depths of blue water element… amazing! And here, you can see how water is the element of deep emotions!


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