Be Of Service & You Will Prosper!

Jun 12, 2013 | Uncategorized

what can you give?

It’s not all “what can I get” ; it’s “what can I give.”

There’s a term for people looking to get things: GIMMIES.  Always looking for the angle, what they can take, how much they can walk off with.  Even when involved in charity, these people will look for the biggest credit and will give other peoples money freely… But not their own.

Gimme-Type people are usually the ones who never ever have enough money, attention, esteem, power…. even when they have a lot of all of the above.  It’s never enough because they’re hard-wired to take, take, take.

Flip the script and give.

Watch how much things can change with that simple switch.

xoxo Dana



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xoxo Dana


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