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Jun 13, 2013 | Life With Art



Your walls never need to be bare! No matter what your budget and despite your skill level you can have genius art on your walls this weekend that looks amazing and brings more of your unique creative expression to your home! 

Above, you’ll see one of the cleverest projects around: string art! Grab your favorite colors of embroidery thread and a wooden board. Now, start hammering in small nails. Wind string around in a wild pattern… and you’ve got some fairly enchanting wall art.


DIY art can be as easy as some precious vintage lace affixed to a spray painted canvas with spray glue, mod podge or both!

 rothko diy

 Who can resist a Rothko-esque DIY painting tutorial that can be customized to suit your feng shui elemental needs, your moods, your decor & your color passions?!  Dans Le Townhouse really nails this one! cross stitch mural

A mural made of “cross stitch” x’s of paint by Eline Pellinkhof is genius! How charming and inventive!

diy art

This clever project from Mr. Handsomeface uses tissue paper to create textured layers can be customized to suit your visual desires.


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  1. Jennifer

    I actually gave the Mr. Handsomeface tissue paper art a shot, and it came out great! (…On my second attempt.) It’s simple and playful, and you can choose colors that work with your room. It’s so fulfilling to create things for your own space.


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