Bliss Triple Oxygen Instant Energizing Eye Mask

Jun 14, 2013 | The Beautiful



Have puffy eyes? They are not cute.  Speaking from experience, eye bags can seriously diminish your confidence, never mind your alluring eyes!  Sure, we are much more than what we look like, but no one wants to look tired and frazzled.  While ice cubes or a frozen gel pack on the eye area for a few minutes have been a go-to for me  to start the eye-bag shrinking process, it takes a bit more to really rejuvenate and de-puff eye bags.  Today, celebrity makeup artist and balanced beauty expert Chantal Moore brings us a puffy eye fix from her makeup kit!

From Chantal: ” One thing a makeup artist hears a lot is “Can you do something about these bags?” The answer is always “Yes!”  We have secret weapons in our kits to help remedy this common complaint. Applying a Bliss Triple Oxygen Instant Energizing Eye Mask is one such secret weapon. Recharge and refresh the eye area with these Vitamin C and Cucumber extract packed eye masks. They are a skin soothing savior for puffy, tired looking eye areas. They are magic to have on hand. I always love to treat a client to an eye mask prior to makeup application if I have the time to do so. Learn more about Bliss and their Triple Oxygen Instant Energizing Eye Mask HERE.


chantal2012-150x150Chantal Moore works closely with some of the biggest names in music, fashion and film. Her beauty and makeup advice regularly appears in such magazines as InStyle and Glamour, and she has appeared on television as a beauty expert for E! Entertainment Television, The Style Network and Fine Living Network. In 2009, she became Beauty Editor for the online lifestyle magazine Tangerine Living. In 2010, Chantal appeared on the Kellogg’s Special K-sponsored series The Victory Project as resident Beauty Expert.  If you want to read much more of Chantal Moore’s genius tips and grounded, gorgeous beauty philosophy, you can watch videos of her in action on her website.  You can also keep up with her daily on Twitter and Facebook. 

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