Sheer Curtains Are Divine!

Jun 14, 2013 | Home Style

sheer curtians


If you have struggled to find a way to make your home look more open and air,  sheer voile curtains may be the uber-solution to create light, height and luxury in a full spectrum of colors!  Let’s look at some inspiration  to see how this inexpensive fabric can make a major impression on your home.

sheer voile


If you live in a home that opens from a gathering room to a Private yard, you are a candidate for voile.  OMG, the varying colors are so enchanting!

sheer voile

You can literally paint with sheer fabric as if it were streams of watercolor.  Look at how this terrific icy blue creates space!

sheer voile


Powerful verticals are lightened and brightened by statement-making sheer curtains that gleam in the sunlight.  Playing with colors can be a way to add rhythm and personality in a space with very little effort…!

Starting at less than $10/pair for less-than-perfect fabric on up, there is a sheer voile for every budget and every elaborate color scheme you can envision.  Where curtains would be confining and close off a space, voile opens up the flow!


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  1. Marcy

    These are so magical and vibrant. Like being in another realm 😉


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