Explore Your Emotions!

Jun 15, 2013 | Creativity

caroline myss

This may sound super bizarre, but I spend years in acting school long after I realized that I had no interest in being an actress professionally because it helped me to become a better person.  It was not OK to explore my emotions in daily life, especially not in the fabulously fake smiled hub of Hollywood, so I had a stage to use to dig into how I felt… and to let myself feel.  It was a magical and necessary few years.  I think that time enabled me to be more confortable with being uncomfortable, and that is one of the coolest feelings ever.  After all, if you can’t feel uncomfortable for a while, even love becomes difficult to attain.  On that note, check out this TedX video on vulnerability if you haven’t already & you will get a big dose of awesomeness for your day! xoxo Dana


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