Violet Art & Otherworldly Resonance

Jun 15, 2013 | Life With Art


Jeff Koons’ transparent coloring book sculpture pours my favorite shades of violet onto everything around it… and as I looked at this massive hunk of luminosity I realized it was time for a violet art round-up.  Art may be the best way to add violet’s ethereal wildness to your life without creating a sense of separation or overwhelm caused by a violet overdose.  Here are some old and new violet art superstars.


I love Erwin Redl, and when he creates a violet glow you can fully understand the hard-to-articulate spiritual nature of the color. Incidentally,  I have the honor and pleasure of saying I helped produce his huge exhibition in 2007 in Los Angeles, an experience- and an exhibit- I will never forget; most people who sat in the violet room of this show were transported.


How can you not help but be awe struck when looking at this still of the Democratic Republic of the Congo from a Richard Mosse video?! (Wasn’t that an odd statement? I am overwhelmed right now, visually!)


Lykke Steenbach Josephsen captures the flower child vibe of violet in its purity and delicacy.


But Raphael Hefti presents more of violet’s regal connotations in total joy.

harry moody

And I am a sucker for the many layers of magic that Harry Moody presents.  Totally divine. Simple yet so complex.

Live with more color and more art. It will dramatically shift your world!



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