Moroccan Magical Interior Inspiration!

Jun 17, 2013 | Home Style



While it’s no mystery that I am a super-fan if the handira wedding blankets of Morocco, the culture, lifestyle, deep colors, earthen material and searing flavors… well… I am obsessed.  The grounding nature of Moroccan decor stirred with it’s sparkle and fire can add a lot of solid yet fantastically exciting rhythm to your life. 



Could it be time for our own lacquered tea seat and divine outdoor table?



A shimmering handira can transform a futon into a daybed of delight!

morocco market


Swooning over the delightful layers of woven stones, jewels and tassels.



A patio to die for? Fill it with Moroccan rugs, lanterns on the ground and the colors of jam and gemstones!

moroccan rugs



Moroccan rugs are to be savored.  The intricate layers and patterning bring music into a space visually.



Luscious, richly pattered floor pillows are an easy way to start incorporating more of the Moroccan vibe in any space.  Sitting on the ground may be nontraditional in the Western world, but it is freeing and centering, like active meditation in daily life!

A bit of the luscious and exotic to get you thinking richly today!


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  1. stellastarlite

    I am obsessed with Morocco. Have you been there? I spent two days in Tangiers quite a few years ago and LOVED it! Anthony Bourdain did a segment on it on his new show.

  2. Marcy

    Moroccan is one of my favorite styles. I love the color and texture. The richness of the fabrics. The ornate details of the lanterns and trim. So beautiful.


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