DIY Centerpieces For Summer

Jun 19, 2013 | Home Style

centerpieces lemon


Centerpieces are vital for every season, and in summer they are particularly focusing and grounding when our lives become warmer, more wild and more free! Here are a few DIY summer centerpieces that are super simple (like a stack of lemons on a cake tray, leaves and all) that will wow you with their freshness.



House Of Smiths has a paper rosette DIY centerpiece you can engineer in any color or size you’d like.  A few of these playful flower “balls” on a picnic blanket, a patio table or even your breakfast table are lovely!

diy vases

Of course, if you gold leaf some carafes or mason jars, you have an elevated vase for a perfect, fresh summer centerpiece!

grass centerpiece

And while this is a bit more elaborate- growing grass in cracked eggs- it is awesome! If you’d like an easier centerpiece strategy, grow some wheat grass in a vintage baking dish or teapot in the center of your summer table!



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