Room Dividers That Rock!

Jun 19, 2013 | Home Style

room divider



While open floor plans are divine, they are not suitable for every lifestyle. Room dividers, when done cleverly, are brilliant.  In lieu of your typical Japanese screen, here are a few clever ideas to divide your space and maintain it’s flow!

Above, a wall of vintage filing drawers provide chic storage as well as a sense of separation in open spaces.

room divider

(Apartment Therapy)

And here, a glamorous trompe l’oeil divider separates space while maintaining an airy feeling of openness.

fabric room divider


I am a big fan of this color blocked, stretched fabric room divider. It becomes an art piece as well as a room partition.

plant room divider


And, let’s face it, when is a wall of plants ever a bad thing? Here you can turn a cheapie shelving unit into a greenhouse of goodness.

You can cleverly come up with your own designs.  My loft in Soho was partitioned with PVC pipe and burlap. It worked!  You can always find a way to flow with your floor plan & make it work for you!


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  1. Deepti

    I wanted to get the book, but somehow the link is not working. Do you have another link? I was reading about the dividers. I was planning to divide my bedroom, but does the divider need to touch the ceiling?

    thanks, DV


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