Stress Is Ugly… But Easy To Reduce!

Jun 21, 2013 | Sensory Goodness

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I have been talking to friends lately about the uselessness of stress.  I mean, it solves nothing, it exhausts your body, and it certainly isn’t a happy place to live.  I have watched my friends gain weight, lose hair and lose relationships over stress.  I have stressed myself sick one too many times to know that it’s just not something that should be tolerated when “stress” moves from healthy motivation to totally crushing pressure.  I am not a fan of the term stress management… I prefer reduction. Or subtraction. Or Elimination.

Once I realized the full picture of stress in my life, I found solutions that worked for me.  Buddhist practice, exercise, sleep early and dealing with things in a causative manner (ie: not like a victim!) have helped a ton. You may have your own bag of stress-subtracting tricks… Or, if not yet, today you can start pulling one together.

This week’s link love is all about the ugliness of stress run a mock and ideas to reduce that stress today!

Stress can be self-created. Stress isn’t always something happening to you, sometimes it is something we do to ourselves.  I certainly do!  THIS article discusses the ways in which we can pile expectations, unrealistic timelines and other disappointments upon ourselves consciously, turning out world into a pile of stress.

Stress forces out adrenal glands to churn out tons of cortisol that destroys our health. It wasn’t until 10 years ago that I learned that you can actually live in adrenal fatigue.  Tons of stress and anxiety can burn out your adrenal glands and disrupt your hormones among other things.  Prevention Magazine has a brilliant article that goes over a multitude of ways to actively cut down your cortisol overload and chill out.

Stress can be suppressed or hidden in your life. I wrote a piece on hidden stress (it always catches up with me) that crops up when I am pushing the envelope a bit too much in my life in some way! HERE you can read about hidden stress and ways to restore balance.

 Stress can affect your looks in a big way.  I hate to reach for the vanity button, but you’d be surprised how much that motivates us to make changes! Science Daily details the ways that stress can take a big toll on your looks.

Stress can be dispelled in all sorts of ways. And, of course, a fun DIY way to check in with yourself and start dissipating stress comes today from Kate Northrup.  Her interview with Nick Ortner on EFT or “Tapping” , a very simple form of acupressure that you can learn in a few minutes and do for yourself today!



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