Fast Feng Shui: Embrace Nostalgia!

Jun 24, 2013 | Creativity



Nostalgia for the sake of nostalgia is not what I am talking about when I say that a little nostalgia makes every space a bit better.  When I mention nostalgia, I am talking about personal nostalgia. What reminds you of childhood, of a simpler or more quiet or safer or more artistic time?  

CaptureIf you show me an old Polaroid and put it in my hands, I am suddenly eight years old again in New Jersey, staging elaborate photo shoots in my house.  My sister’s hair (for the many hair spray ads I staged) can attest to that boundless enthusiasm with which I created as a child.  Watching my old videos from Dancing School are instant hilarious nostalgia.

In that nostalgic space with a old Polaroid, I don’t doubt my artistic ability, I don’t seek to please anyone and I am totally, gleefully free. that object is like a time machine. I am a little kid. I am unburdened.  And that’s how it should be every single day!  That is the power of nostalgia.

We all have bits of nostalgia that would benefit us if we would indulge them.  Food is nostalgic.  I have learned to nearly replicate my grandma’s heavily seasoned salad dressing that I would eat daily at dinner at 5:00 pm, rain or shine.  Clothing is nostalgic.  Furniture is loaded with memories, as are old art & crafts, toys and art supplies.

Some people fear that overt nostalgia will make them appear childish.  You don’t need to be overt. No need to hang a sight in your office or wallpaper a wall like your first bedroom.  Use music, scent or even a little private dance you do that is nostalgic.

Now, to get myself an old Polaroid on Amazon I go!


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