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Jun 24, 2013 | Prosperity

sylvie fleury

(Sylvie Fleury)

As “Zen” as I can be about life, I will admit that it’s hard to ignore the ambient pressure to attain bigger success faster.  When you get into the ” I want everything yesterday” mindset the flood of ” How to get everything yesterday” expert voices come rushing in.  Funny thing is: I have dropped out of huge “success”  seminars  and renowned “supercharge your business”  courses within two days of starting. Why? It all feels fake, forced and founded on fear.  I will tell you that you can prey on people’s fear and probably convince them to buy anything from skin creams to new cars from you, but who the hell wants to make people feel weak and bad in order to make a dollar?  Totally gross.

Anyway, while I will cop to feeling a bit of the pressure, I am so glad that the anarchist in me has ultimately turned a blind eye to the “get rich quick” and quietly, excitedly plodding along in my blogging, designing, feng shui’ing way.  I was told by some that I needed to be more of a hustler, by others that I needed to pimp myself out more… And I just want to do things my way. I am not averse to “hard work” but I just can’t be down with the idea that you need some secret knowledge to make any area of your life work.

My validation came this week in many ways- amazing meetings, awesome messages from all of you and a random conversation with a very successful stranger.  This stranger happens to fix major businesses that are failing, putting them on a prosperous track.  He not only validated my no-weird-trick way of operating… he shared with me the honest simplicity of making most anything successful. “Find what is wrong and fix it.  There are no shortcuts…”  Talk about a successful guy, he told me no less than 10 times how grateful he was to have found this path in life! More on simple success right HERE:

Have a beautiful week! xoxo Dana

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  1. Jayne

    Absolutely perfect timing for this awesome message … thank you!! <3



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