Art Love In Pastel & Pink

Jul 2, 2013 | Life With Art

cy twombly

(Cy Twombly)

True joy in art today, as I revel in the musicality of Matisse at and feel the fountain rush under the Calders in what I pretend in my private sculpture garden;  I go to LACMA daily when I am ready to get my mind blown.   This week, I feel the need for expansion, so I am sharing some of the watery pastel greatness of Jemma Craig’s curation to compliment the rosy glow of life.  Art expands your mind and soul in ways that nothing else can.

Jutta Koether

(Jutta Koether )

I love when the heavily material and the transparent veils are mixed in one expression that leaves you spellbound for a moment.

Albert Oehlen

(Albert Oehlen)

While not quite as pink, the dance on a canvas washed with pastel makes me feel like I’ve just received a surprise bouquet of flowers.

Karla Black

(Karla Black)

Glassy rain pours infinitely on crystal.

Berta Fischer

(Berta Fischer)

Bring me to this field of flowers and safari animals!

Terri Brooks

(Terri Brooks)

So delicate, so big, so radiant from within and so grounded.

All images via the epic art blog, Rustybreak. 

Live with art.  See it, feel it, make it and find it everywhere around you!


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