Body Language & Making A Connection

Jul 3, 2013 | Prosperity

body language


Communication is the glue that holds life together, and understanding how we are all sending messages daily- in thoughts, words and actions – shapes our lives.  I often hear from people who get “shocked” by the behavior of a new friend, lover or business associate, ” He/She was saying all the right things…” But, how were these things being said and what was the physical messaging that came along with those words.

We don’t communicate just in words. I usually refrain from doing feng shui consultations solely by phone (Skype is a must!) because I miss out on a ton of what a person is trying to tell me.    In fact, if you read Professor Mehrabian’s communication theory (which is highly oversimplified above) you will become very aware that you express so much with your tone and your body, so much beyond words. The intention behind your words and your body language make a distinct difference in the way you are understood, and in the way you understand others.  If you exercise your feng shui sensibilities, you’ll see that our homes communicate a tremendous amount about us as well.

Do you recognize yourself in the chart above?


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