Fast Feng Shui For A Hangover

Jul 5, 2013 | Sensory Goodness

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If you’ve partied too hard, I feel your pain.  There are actually a few easy-to-make feng shui style adjustments in your home to help you snap back faster after a wild night!


I know you are likely dragging yourself around and breathing far more shallow than your healthy cells appreciate.  Flip on your fan or open your windows to create a more dynamic space to breathe instantly.

Music takes the stagnation out of the air in an energetic manner.  While your favorite music is always an option, consider downloading or finding yourself some Tibetan Singing Bowl sounds to really infuse the air with a relaxing, realigning vibration.  You can learn more about these balancing sound bowls HERE. 

If you can find it in you, take a quick detox bath after drinking lots of water.  Epsom salt is a quick detoxifier that will help you revive, but drink water and more and more water as you do! My favorite detox baths are easy; they are right here for you to choose from! 

Play with your pets.  Pets have an otherworldly nature that doesn’t ever take a break to go to a house party!  Playing with your animals will help ground you in the day.



Fill the air with citrus or lavender.  A quick aromatherapy spray of a few drops of lavender in water will lift your spirits.  Orange essential oil- or one of those pure citrus sprays sprayed judiciously with open windows- will brighten your mood.  These are the easiest oils to keep on hand.

Pick up some junk.  Even spraying down your counter-tops or putting away your clothes will make you feel immensely better.

Mind over matter, great yoga and lots of food and sleep can also help!  Now, back to green juice and hiking tomorrow!



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