Why You May Not Be Getting What You Want

Jul 6, 2013 | Creativity

georgia o'keeffe

(Georgia O’Keeffe) 

I hear it sometimes. “Dana, I did everything you said and nothing is happening. Nothing. I keep moving things and polishing them and clearing space and working at this and doing everything… have I mentioned I am doing everything… and nothing is happening.” Why is it that sometimes people can make small adjustments and experience bounty while other people work extremely hard and nothing happens?

There’s one reason. It’s the same reason I ask clients to spend time in nature, why I recommend lifestyle over achievement, why I love taking breaks as much as working…

georgia o'keeffe

(Georgia O’Keeffe)

Stop pushing. If you are constantly pushing, you aren’t open to accepting.  If you are always striving you are not letting things in.

Feng shui my way is about freeing the energy in your home, not creating ending you control in a death grip.  The results don’t depend on the succesful spell you cast or the greatness of the blessing you produce, great outcomes are a product of actual willingness to accept what comes in when you relax after you do the work.  It’s not magic, its a form of physics.

Newton’s Third Law.  It’s the one that says that “for every action there is an equal and opposite reaction”  That’s not the actual way it’s written but that’s the commonly quoted version of it in Pop culture.  If you are always pushing, you will get pushed back.

If you are looking for money, love, peace, happiness, fame or anything else… I don’t know if you want to be pushed.  What happens if you create space and stay open in a real way?

Lately, men and women both have the same drive: achievement.  Life doesn’t flow in as achievement where intimacy and deeper fulfillment are involved.  Below the surface is the need for all of us to be receptive.

So, if you are doing and doing and doing and doing to try to achieve a result and see none…here’s a suggestion: See what would happen if you create more space- real, actual space- physically, mentally, emotionally- and connect to your receptive being.  We are all losing touch with the receptive.  Nature is receptive.  Space outside is receptive.  Art, albeit challenging at times to our sensibilities, is an invitation to open up and be more receptive.  I’m not suggesting you stop doing all that you are doing, but perhaps temper what you are doing with a little rest and true surrender to life.

If you are looking for that elusive stuff to flow in, take a few deep breaths and let yourself be. Hold in a deep breath for as long as you can and exhale out your need for control.  Create space in your home by clearing clutter and making the feng shui’d adjustments that help you channel your energy in meaningful ways.  If you are hoping to force a change, you will be disappointed.  Open your windows and let in fresh air.  Decide to take some time to just be.

That’s when the practical magic happens.



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  1. Laura

    The perfect thing for me to hear right now. Thank you!

  2. Shawn Kearney

    Thank you, Dana! I feel like you wrote this article just for me. These are exactly the words I needed to hear today.

  3. Elisabeth

    Love this, Dana. Especially your emphasis on being receptive. It’s a great reminder that creativity is truly meditative, and that means we need to listen. Build a bridge ~ a connection ~ instead of a wall. xo

    • danaclaudat

      I’m so happy to hear it….! Yes to connection!!! xoxoxo

  4. Kimberly

    Great message Dana! Just let it in and being open to receiving is very important. I’ve lately realized to just accept the things as they are because the Universe knows exactly what you need and when to deliver it to you.



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