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Jul 8, 2013 | Uncategorized

dana claudat


This week was full of parties and happenings where the ordiary became extraordinary.  There’s nothing quite like waking up to the wonderful, and this morning I sat in a burn orange vintage womb chair feeling what every morning should feel: deeply happy.  This week’s Instagram is all about finding greater pleasure in the simple pleasures. 



This is a night shot of Bob who stayed up well past 3am one night this week hugging his new donut toy.



I like to believe that the Calders, and the entire free sculpture garden at LACMA, are my own private space.   Each time I walk through (sometimes daily) I see things I never saw before in the water.  Last time I was there I made a wish on a penny and flung it into the fountain (sorry LACMA if you are reading this!) and it’s coming true, so, there’s also that aspect of the urban sculptural retreat!



Matisse is also at the museum in one room, but its this one piece that had me buzzing. I wish I took the picture from farther back: it is a thrilling sight to behold, covering nearly a full wall of the room.  Sit on the sofa before it and recieve its messages…


And… Fourth of July was freezing (at least in my dress!) and so much fun.  I shivered while I held my first sparklers!

What are your simple pleasures? Take time to celebrate.  Without it, there’s no point to all the striving.

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