Pink & Turquoise Decor!

Jul 8, 2013 | Home Style

pink turquoise

Pink and turquoise are an delicious pairing of opposites… and in color as in life, complimentary opposites create harmonious wholes.  This color team works well in gathering spaces, and sparingly in dining rooms, to create a quique, glowing harmony that is wholly unexpected.  

house of turquoise


I have deep love for the sheer pink curtains and the ocean-tinted french doors.

pink turquoise

 (grab it on Etsy)

Pink and turquoise bend well in decorative art…

pyrex, pink, turquoise


And I most love the powdery vintage hues of Pyrex.

turquoise pink


And here… a bit more elegant infusion of the duo creates an energetic and glossy conversation on the mantel. Delicious!!!


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