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Jul 9, 2013 | Sensory Goodness

green kitchen stories

(green kitchen stories)

Aromatherapy has become an extensive love of mine.  A few drops of essential oil can change your mood, clear your mind and trigger all sorts of emotional responses.  My present scent loves are baths in Sandalwood essential oil, wearing Golden Earth chakra blends, and dousing myself at least once a day in Rosemira Organics  deeply chocolate cacao  absolute potion.  I am an aroma-therapeutic hedonist. If you try some, you may feel the same!  

Essential oils are wildly powerful sensory tools, holistic wonders from nature. I have rounded up my favorite aromatherapy links from around the web that have taught me tons lately:



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  1. Susanne

    Essential Oils are indeed magical! I’ve abandoned all my cosmetic products years ago and just blend everything myself: body oils, face serums, hair masks…my favorites at the moment are Sandalwood and Neroli

  2. natural essential oils

    natural essential oils…. these oils can be used for massages.. health purpose.. beauty purpose… these oils don’t have any side effects……

  3. essential oil manufacturers

    essential oil manufacturers…… can be used for conditioners… these oils don’t have any side effects….. these oils are prepared naturally…..


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