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Jul 10, 2013 | Sensory Goodness



Meditation is a daily event that can take the form of cross-legged, eyes-closed breathing, walking on a beach, doing some yoga, staring out a window or actual recited prayer when part of a religious ceremony. Meditation is not something abstract- it is the ability to turn off your automatic mind chatter, in some cases have deliberate breath, and slip into more elastic brain waves.  The Huffington Post recently published an article on how major business leader share a Transcendental Meditation practice in common (its fascinating: you can read it HERE) and there are extensive studies being done on meditation’s effect of life that are yielding profoundly positive proof that meditating is an enormously good practice to adapt in some form.  Meditation even builds a healthier brain, physically.

We all meditate in our own way.  I happen to do over an hour of Buddhist chanting a day (Nichiren Shoshu), twice a day, and it is critical for my mind on many levels, as well as, in my personal perspective, my soul. When I chant for hours in a day, solutions come to me effortlessly, life has more volume and I am more cheerfully present. Before I started chanting, long walks, creative visualization and even long baths made my mind more plastic and fluid.

As with all things, I find that some cues in your outside world (ie: your home) will reinforce your inner intention to create a more meditative life.  Here are a few ways to add a bit more of a meditative vibe to your home, no matter what you like to do to zone out and check in with yourself!  

Above, art focuses a room, yet it is rhythmic and transfixing.  you can use art to create a point of focus that stills the mind and centers a space.

window seat


Take advantage of a view.  If you have views of nature- or even urban landscapes- try to incorporate them into your home design.  Play up a view and position seating to take advantage of the great outdoors.



Fish are a study in looking inward.  Watching them swim is deeply relaxing, non-linear and thought-provoking in an intimate way.  Watery thoughts are flowing and free, some of the best types of thoughts to birth new ideas!

purple walls


Violet walls promote a more transcendent sentiment in your space.  I would be cautious with violet… it can be meditative and then quickly turn overpowering.

meditation pillows


Sit near the ground.  Round up some meditation pillows as extra seating in your home, even if you don’t always use them to meditated.  Being low to the ground is a great way to get rooted in your space.

Deep breaths, not a care in the world, space out & enjoy!

xoxo Dana

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