Do You Need A Path In Life?

Jul 11, 2013 | Prosperity

where we are headed

Some believe you need a clear path in life, others create the path as they go…and some dig their own way out of the wilderness of life.  I am not sure who is right: the trail blazers, the people who play by the rules or the improvisers in the middle.  I do know that certainty, no matter how clear the paths are… but there are ways to deal with certain uncertainty without freaking out…! 

I had no idea of the game-changing moments, big and small, both catastrophic and exceptionally great, that would define my life up to now… and I have no idea what comes next, but I’m up for the challenge. I used to sweat the future and look for ways to exert control and certainly over situations.  Psychics, self-help, everything short of black magic was the fodder of my need to know the exact way to make things go my way.  That led to absolutely nothing but paranoia and misery.

In feng shui, the idea is to cultivate wood energy and become more flexible.  Physical flexibility, mental flexibility, emotional flexibility, life flexibility- all one in the same elemental energy of wood.  Some ideas to cultivate wood energy: write in cursive in a journal every day, eat lots of leafy greens, spend time in nature, stretch more… All positive wood energy.  A flexible nature will free you from that need to know the end before you begin!

Rather that sweating about the path, what if the idea is to do the best with what you have from where you are to start?  What if the lack of need to control could open the door to pleasant surprises?

Something to muse over… !


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  1. joyshree

    Hi Dana! This is so inspiring. I have never taken risk. But this time iam planning for something…hope it works out well
    Life has been too stagnant for a while.


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