5 Super Stylish Ways To Mix Some Gemstones Into Your Home!

Jul 16, 2013 | Sensory Goodness


gemstone magnets (via)

Crystals, gems, rare minerals-  these beautifully striated, tinted and glowing stones are the magical output of Earth borne within its depths. While some attached mystical meaning to specific stones, I like to look at them as pure wonder.  How does something so beautiful just “appear?”  These crystals add Earth element, life force (chi or qi, as you prefer) and big color to any space.  Also, quartz has been proven as a high level energy conductor, and many other gemstones have similar conducting powers, so I do not dismiss the physical alchemy possible with crystals; it is very real!   Here is a round up of fun, chic ways to mix a bit of gemstone crystal Earth beauty into your home,  like the divine gemstone magnets above! 

red agate geodes(Etsy)

These sliced red agate coasters are divine!

crystal doorknobs


Imagine if you changed out the drawer pulls in your bathroom to gemstones? What about your office desk? Kitchen? These are heaven in rose quartz. 



A dream catcher gets “energized” with a raw piece of quartz.



These geode book ends instantly fancy-up any book shelf. For an extra dose of  unexpected, use them in your kitchen to encapsulate cookbooks, or in a bedroom to display your favorite love stories…!

Love, love, love!



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  1. Marcy

    Ooh, I love this article. Crystals make me happy just to look at. I like the idea of crystal drawer knobs. I’m wondering if they are sold online anywhere. Or perhaps you can make them by drilling a hole into crystal and attaching it.


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