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Jul 16, 2013 | Home Style

dining room



Growing up, the dining room was the most opulent and underutilized room in the home.  My affection for a fabulous dining room is never ending, but my personal emphasis is on utilization.  Massive tables invite exciting activity, creative engagement, and bright conversation.  My own dining room is a favorite place at home, filled with upholstered Ikat seats and a wildly ornate table that looks like it sprung straight from a Wes Anderson film. There are plants, a wall of white pillar candles in big glass sconces and golden vases.  A mix of materials, a lovely table, a centerpiece, a view, great seats= all ingredients of a dining room to love.  Here are a few lovely dining rooms to spark some redesign in your own dining space!

dining room


How immense are these chairs, how brilliant are the walls and how scintillating is the sculpture?!

dining room


Inspired art as conversation pieces and a focal point, a rug of fire sucks you into the space where you meet the dazzle of metal and the warmth of wood.

dining room (via)

Lemony limes, charming accents and a dark, somewhat mysterious book shelf creating a wall of interest that makes a dining room personal.

dining room


What about incorporating a sofa or some built-in seating to your space?  it’s a great informal way to round out a room, just make sure the sofa piece is high enough and the sofa back is tall enough to truly support the people seated on that side and include them in the dining mix!

Even if you don’t have a formal dining room, dress up your breakfast table or whatever space you do have to hang out, socialize and eat abundantly.  It is a very important part of every home!



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