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Jul 16, 2013 | Prosperity

bruce nauman

(Bruce Nauman)

Communication is so important.

Misunderstandings can shatter brilliant relationships. Businesses can crumble due to poor communication.

Without a voice resonant with intention, you are likely to fall into the background noise of life.

Open, clear communication makes the world a much lighter place.

I used to lose my voice once or twice a year when I start communicating in a big way without recharging my personal batteries enough.

When my voice started to go, I couldn’t communicate clearly for obvious reasons, but I also need to just take a break and reorganize my own communication flow.

It’s time for some feng shui for better communication! 



Say it in NEON and you certainly make an impact.

Since life is not neon, let’s look at your home or office and how to make it more legible.  The more ideas flow freely, the more clear, crisp and defined a voice you will have…!

1. Scan your desk.  Is there anything on your desk that bespeaks your aesthetic, even a small thing like a paperweight? My disco ball does well by me most of the time, but it is too small. Time to go bigger and bolder with my desk personality.

2. Look at the emails you send.  You may not think about it, but the font, the color and the signature of your emails is another way that you communicate.  If  your email template is not something uniform and related to who you are-  (IE, a lawyer should probably not be sending hot pink Comic Sans font emails to potential clients, etc, though maybe… it depends on who he or she is!)- make the switch.  Keep your email signature legible and illustrative of who you are.

3. Check your phone.  That smartphone that may have grown less smart over time. Is it cracked, dirty or full of junk pictures and old texts?  Or old numbers? Is it backed up by a cloud? Do you have control of your contact list so you aren’t on the brink of confusion should you lose your phone or drop it in a puddle? These are all signs of harmony vs. disorder.  You don’t need a super-phone to have order and precision. We look at these phone computer objects more often than we may want to admit!

4. See if you have a clear view of yourself in all of the mirrors of your home. Wash them. Make sure they hang straight.  Our surroundings are often thought of as a mirror of what is going on inside of us, so we should keep our mirrors as pristine as possible.  Oh, and please never hang two mirrors facing each other on opposing walls. It creates quite a conflict.

5.  If you’re often misunderstood, record yourself talking to someone and listen to that recording.  Do you hear what you are actually saying?  While I don’t want you to become self-conscious, it’s really worth talking a look at what you are actually communicating. Keep a journal to harness your wood energy (and fire, the element of emotional expression) and grow more aware of all the ways you have succeeded at getting a message across as well as where you’ve stumbled in the past.

Some people are great talking business and clam up talking about personal things, etc, etc….

Awareness is the first step to change.

Positive change in communication will massively change your life!

Let your most self-expressed you unfold…!

xoxo Dana



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