6 Artists I Just Discovered That Harness The Power Of Light!

Jul 17, 2013 | Life With Art

soo sunny park

(Soo Sunny Park) 

Light.  What is it? What makes something bright while something else is dark? Light. Light is comprised of electromagnetic waves that move at a frequency that allows us to see things. In vast quantity, we see things glowing with light that almost physically pull us toward the gleam.  In essence, we see light even though we just see its effects upon objects.  When objects are formed by light or transformed by light, they take on otherworldly properties.  These six artists harness the power of light to express a magnetism that defies words.

soo sunny park

(Soo Sunny Park) 

Soo Sunny Park takes the “lightness” of light to a fantastic, opalescent, swelling, floating next level.

kim sooja

(Kim Sooja)

Kim Sooja shows us that light can create a mirror, rainbows and exalted space.

boris petrovsky

(Boris Petrovsky)

Boris Petrovsky uses light to define the sculptural nature of a mass, creating great clarity with neon wands.

Stefan Brüggemann

(Stefan Brüggemann)

Stefan Brüggemann uses light to poke fun at the concept of the conceptual!

Thales Pessoa

(Thales Pessoa)

Thales Pessoa hints at how light can clear up the mysteries and uncover sensuous, veiled beauty.

mark bijl

(Marc Bijl)

And Mark Bijl shows us how fiery light can take on the characteristic of darkness, destroying peace as it illuminates peace.

Light. We can’t live without those waves.  Be sure you have enough light, high quality light, in your life!



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