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Jul 21, 2013 | Uncategorized

dana_claudat_feng_shui_artWelcome to my week as seen on Instagram! Above, at Ohwow gallery on LaCienega, I am standing next to a piece of conceptual art involving a canteloupe on a skewer.  Who could resist memorializing that? It’s been a week filled with wild and directed energy and an abundance of feel-good stuff to share!

miscellaneum etsy


Mega thank you to Elisabeth from Miscallaneum on Etsy (check out her shoppe here).  I’ve been layering on the plantain oil (it really heals damaged skin) and getting so excited to share this must-have rosemary-sage toner recipe with all of you.  If all goes well, you’ll see it on the blog soon! Her room sprays of moonwater and more are also divine.  Elisabeth, my Jersey compatriot, I am so grateful. Love your stuff!

fortune cookie


Got a giant basket of fortune cookies to crack open all week.  I don;t eat the cookies, but man, the fortunes are so much fun!

ignatia homeopathy


Lately I have been so hopped up energetically by life and when that happens I can mistake excitement for anxiety. Sound familiar? My homeopathic wonderwoman Alexis Smart turned me on to Ignatia. I’ve been feeling all the exciting nerves settle into peaceful sleep.  Apparently its amazing for healing broken hearts and dealing with grief as well.

marty and elaine


And, you know, there’s the real classic fun of Marty & Elaine at the Dresden. I decided after watching these two legendary performers do their epic show at the Dresden that in my 80’s I’m going to become some sort of wild performance artist rolling in feathers and such! I can totally see it! 😉

Such a week of wonderfuness, albeit a wild one!  Catch up with me on Instagram HERE– I love following you guys to watch your lives unfold in pictures, too!  xoxo Dana



  1. Marcy

    Lots of fun. May I ask, where did you find that gorgeous dress?

    I do the same thing with fortune cookies.

    • danaclaudat

      Dress: three years old, Alice & Olivia. THANK YOU! 🙂 Yep, I love those fortunes!


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