Feng Shui For Control Freaks!

Jul 22, 2013 | Creativity

mikko kuorinki

(Mikko Kuorinki)

Self-help has failed me on a large scale, at least when I tried to use it to control life. This was a hard video to make because it forced me to admit how greedy-wanty-angsty I used to be, and have the potential to be if I am not aware. In the past I gravitated toward all sorts of methods to predict the future and control the future. I struggled with how to find ways to “make things happen my way.” Nothing I tried actually worked.

We have no control over the outcome of anything.  The want of control has been my Achilles Heel.  The idea that I couldn’t hold tight to this very moment and definitively make something happen exactly the way I saw it was a terrifying idea to even abstractly confront.

Impermanence is a scary concept. It means that you can lose things you love. It means that anything can happen, and nothing lasts forever. I’m certainly not perfect, but I did get out of the lunacy loop of wanting to control the outcome of every part of my life.  Impermanence also means that the dark days won’t last forever, that we heal, that the present moment is everything and that worry is futile.  Impermanence of all things is freedom as long as you can embrace all that it is without fear.

Feng shui in my way is not about controlling outcomes, its about directing energy and letting it flow. It is about being grounded. It is about staying flexible. It is about living within your personal style and using your space to balance your energy and even enhance your aspirations in a way that reflects who you are. There are actually many cool feng shui based ideas that can help you feel more grounded and OK with the idea that you can’t control the outcomes.

If you have been trying to control outcomes, hold on too highly to people or things, or find yourself sorely disappointed when life doesn’t go your way, you may identify with my control-freak crisis.

Here’s a little feng shui and some ideas that can enhance your space and keep it flowing without strict “control” over how things will work out! Have a beautiful week!

xoxo Dana


  1. Christa Luke

    Thank you for keeping it real with your words in your video about permanence. Loved your pink eye glasses (just sayin’). You used the phrase “high intention person” would you mind expanding on this? Have a great week!

    • danaclaudat

      thank you for the glasses love 🙂 When I say I’m a high intention person I suppose I mean that when I really want something I have a knack for zeroing in and doing everything in the universe (and I’ve got a lot of energy, so when I say everything, I mean it :)) to “make it happen”. Now I understand for myself that all my energy & intention is direction, but I’m open to what happens rather than pushing things to an extreme 🙂


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