Drawing On The Right Side Of The Brain!

Jul 23, 2013 | Creativity

drawing on the right side of your brain

I have  already talked to you about why handwriting (and specifically cursive writing) can act as a tool to to open up your mind, so today I thought I’d throw out a Betty Edward’s life-expanding art book classic “Drawing On The Right Side Of The Brain,” to push the brain-gym envelope!

I’ve had this book forever collecting dust on a shelf, and now that I am finally attempting to draw (I naturally suck at drawing, so I’ve avoided it) I am feeling the tingle in my mind of uncomfortable goodness every time I sit down to practice.   Betty Edwards doesn’t get too teacher-preacher but she does challenge the “rational” ways of learning how to draw. Exercises like drawing objects upside down and seeing things in new ways (including  how you view your own reflection in a mirror as you sketch a self-portrait), are a big departure from Art Class 101.

I am not sharing this book with all of you to help you become technically proficient in art basics. I am sharing it because, like cursive writing, drawing makes your “right brain” (the illogical, creative, rule-free side of your brain) more plastic, more facile and more free.  Some people say they solve their biggest problems when they can shut off their logic and dive into the irrational but sound workings of their creative mind.  Drawing is one of those pathways into new solutions. Plus, it’s fun.  You may even unlock talent you didn’t have (You should see the before and after pictures of Betty Edward’s students, totally awe-inspiring talent emerges!).  Not me though, I still suck at drawing, but I love it anyway!




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