You Are Not Broken!

Jul 25, 2013 | Uncategorized

you are perfect

Perfection is just such a torment. Especially since it doesn’t exist.

The sad thing is that many of us have picked up ideas from pop-psychology and culture at large that we are broken and need to be fixed.  The slippery slope starts here.

If you have emotional issues, have suffered trauma, have physical problems, feel your life is unstable… you are still not broken. There are legitimate, holistic ways to fix those issues. I’ve had them all in spades. Those issues are not who you are, they are what happens to be happening to you.

It breaks my heart to hear that people feel broken. Maybe it is because I used to feel enormously broken. I would collect people in my life that reinforced how broken I was and pushed me to a “perfect” ideal in their eyes. I thought they would fix me;  I allowed them to take away lots of my light, my space and my hope.  Totally my own doing. Never again!

Accepting imperfection is absolutely freeing. Being OK with who you are, how you talk, what you know and how you feel… even if you are not in a great place right now…that is light, space and hope in my eyes….and that helps you  to make the decisions that matter and really grow in the ways that move you forward. xoxo Dana


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