6 Artists I Just Discovered That Are Dynamic!

Jul 26, 2013 | Life With Art


(Shannon Finley) 

Glitter, sparkle, passion, shine, lusty, tactile, fresh, gleaming, slick, enchanting… all descriptive words that leap to mind when I think of these six artists, starting with Shannon Finley, that wake me up with their dynamic voices. 



I want to take a bath in Hamtoast bubbles. They are thrilling.

hans kotter

(Hans Kotter)

It’s like a disco floor in pastel, a wall of twinkle and depth, but a whole visual sentence that sparkles.

caleb charland

(Caleb Charland)

Ah, how I dig the luminosity, the vortex that sucks you into the core of  light.

christian solf

(Christian Solf) 

Paint, this is paint bright to life and captured as it billows…

stephanie gonot

(Stephanie Gonot) 

There is something that makes me smile in a humongous way when I see this photo by Stephanie Gonot. It’s like the earth is bubbling with fruit loops…

Live with art and your visual vocabulary will expand along with your ability to feel what you see and know what mirrors your best life… xoxo Dana



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