Are You Willing To Do Anything To Avoid Bad Things Happening?

Jul 29, 2013 | Prosperity

there is no life without change

If you are looking for fear, I can find you 100 people right now who can tell you how many bad things can happen in any given moment of your life. Do you really want to live that way?

Its somewhat strange that while we know that dwelling on bad things is a recipe for disaster, lots of us still can’t help but look for any expert, mystical or otherwise ways to “ensure” that only good things happen and prevent any bad.

Not only is that unrealistic- avoiding everything potentially bad- it is also an easy way to hide out and avoid life. If you aren’t willing to get your heart broken, you can’t fall in love. If you can’t deal with rejection, you won’t make it as an artist. If you read too much of the newspaper you will realize that just about every mundane facet of life has a harrowing story penned about it, so should you live in a bubble? Trust that an amulet or a golden frog in a corner of your house will protect you?

What about just living despite it all?!

In Buddhist philosophy, challenges are a way to overcome negative karma and purify your life. Nope, it doesn’t mean you should live a high risk life and hope for disaster to experience personal growth… It means you can’t take at face value all “bad” things as simply “bad.” As kids we need to be exposed to germs to develop a strong immune system. in life, we need the same exposure to get stronger and be more vibrant.

Rather than fearing life, why not get focused and clear and do the best you can? Sometimes the mistakes create the masterpieces. Often that’s the case!

xoxo Dana


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