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Jul 30, 2013 | Sensory Goodness

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A reader asked an amazing question about crystals and feng shui : ” It was your website that directed me onto the feng shui path. My god what a buzz it has been. So thank you very much. I love your articles and Facebook posts. After reading Feng Shui For Dummies I decluttered my flat and I’m ready to apply some feng shui cures. I’ve been thinking of getting some crystal spheres or crystal pyramids. But then I’ve come across a blog that talks about pyramids being bad for the energy. What’s your opinion or advice on pyramids and crystals  in the house?”

My Answer:

rose quartz(Etsy)

You know, there are a lot of folkloric meanings invested withing certain crystals, so lets talk about that first. I don’t believe in the specifically magical meanings subscribed to crystals. I recently bought a giant hunk of desert rose quartz. It almost jumped into my hands. I was told by the crystal expert that it “erases bad life patterns.”  If that were true, that it could erase all my bad habits, that would be cool. And I suppose by proxy of the placebo effect it could have a temporary effect if I put lots of power into that stone.  That’s not what I want. I don’t worship random objects. I don’t advocate quick fixes to big issues. In the long run, they don’t work, and they pull you further away from finding solutions.

That said, I have a whole load of reasons to love crystals. They are borne of nature. They DO conduct energy. They are gorgeous.  They are earth element stability. Their color can have layers of elemental meaning and effect. (more on feng shui and color HERE)  But, in my life, the “juju” stops there.

healing gemstones


As for the pyramids, they are essentially triangles and triangles are a shape that captures and fixes the attention. Triangles are energizing. They can produce tension (love triangle, triangular problem solving) but, largely, they just direct your eye to a spot.  Let’s just push aside all other mythical meanings.  If you want to focus on a stack of papers, perhaps a pyramid of crystal used as a paperweight will give them more prominence.  If you want to shift your focus in a room, a pyramid will help fix your eye in that area.

If you love crystals, place them where you want to see them.  They are gorgeous. I’m sure you will love them!

I know, it’s very simple.  Most things are, at their essence.  Thank you so much for the lovely message and the great question.  I hope that helps!

(all images via One With Gems on Etsy)


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