Using Red To Magnetize Your Interiors!

Aug 1, 2013 | Home Style

red sofa


Red is a big, bold, passionate, stimulating, and, yes, magnetic color. When used with a deliberate hand, red can focus your attention and catalyze your actual fire to take action. Red draws you in. Red is a magnet.  Here are some great feng shui ways to use red to pull attention where you want it…! 

red chairs


Red chairs call you this dining room and invite you to sit down, where, say, neutral chairs might let you walk past.

red walls


Admittedly with the rug this is massive red overkill, but man, these walls are so deliciously fiery that I just can’t get enough.

red bedroom

(Elle Decor)

You don’t need to load up a bedroom with red to create an alluring pull toward the bed.

red chairs


Again, I just love these so much!  It’s interesting to note that red discourages a long stay (it makes people physically antsy) so a breakfast room works best for big red splashy moves if you are into long dinners. (you may not be!)

red tapestry


Here, it’s not on-the-nose red or overwhelming red, but it’s absolutely lovely red that frames a bed, takes attention off the air vents above,  and makes the room far sexier and more poignant without being overwhelming.

Red is a color that takes courage to approach, but it can truly infuse a room with a magnetic dose of attention-getting, pulse-quickening power.


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