Live With Love & Say Yes…The Best Wedding Video Ever!

Aug 4, 2013 | Prosperity

live with love


Love. So many other emotions can be wrapped up in this word-  euphoria and peace on one hand, expectation and vulnerability on the other- but love is just… love. Someone told me recently that love is our natural state of being, and that we tend to fight against it every day.  But when the idea of “yes” is mixed with “love”, its suddenly expansive and easy despite all.

Lightfield Lewis made a phenemonal wedding video (you can see all of them HERE) that really sums up all the beauty of very uncomplicated love. It is not just a visually engaging piece of fun and a commemoration of a big day, it is one of the most simple, heartfelt ways I’ve ever seen two people express love to one another.  This is SO awesome.  You’ll know these folks pretty well by the time you are done watching, and I dare you to not cry!

xoxo Dana


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