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Aug 5, 2013 | Uncategorized

puppy in socks

My little Bob got socks this week from DermaPaw to keep him from licking his feet.  Sweet thing likes to sneak at his paws. While he’s learned to take them off in a few minutes, the holistic paw remedy seems to be working! Bobby in his socks, just one of the very precious many pictures of the week. 


Daisies are really happening at the local Farmer’s Market.  Had I not been sure they would disintegrate in the sunshine of my Sunday stroll, I would have brought home handfuls.


Quick trip to Santa Monica brought me as close to the beach as I’ve been in over a year. I feel a beach weekend dawning. It has been far too long and my body is totally craving the sandy sun.

lotus flower

What a special event it was to see the lotus flower at my Buddhist temple blooming in West Hollywood!  It may seem mundane, but these flowers rarely bloom, they don’t last for very long, and they create an aura of the spectacular. You can read all about the symbolism of the lotus flower and how it relates to life right HERE. 



And, I was gifted a delicious sandalwood Diptyque candle that is part of a matching pair. I love to watch it burn and imagine it’s twin burning a few miles away…

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