Synchronicity : The Art Of Meaningful Coincidences

Aug 5, 2013 | Creativity

ryan gander


Synchronicity. You think of someone and they call.  After deciding you must travel, you find a job that sends you where you want to go the next day.  A few moments after reminiscing about someone they appear at the grocery store behind you in line. Synchronicity is something that we have all experienced in some way, big or small.  Some of  brush these events off as  “just a coincidence” and almost fear the events, but for others, these meaningful coincidences are stuff that their lives are built upon in explainable ways.

Last night I had a dinner that I will not forget with a brilliant writer and truly big being as well as a newly dear friend. I’m sure this is not the last time I will mention him on the blog but I will not do him real justice here in all his candor. His life unfolded, exploded, tumbled, soared and just happened through a series of events of synchronicity that have no rational explanation. There was no Law of Attraction, no methodology, no secret information that created the snowball of expression that has become his life’s work.  As he talked about his own story and the wilds that he swam through on every level imaginable of darkness and light, when things seemed to not be able to get better or get worse, ” the phone just rang.” The angels appeared.  The unexplained coincidences unfolded.  As they did for me yesterday.

Swiss psychologist Carl Jung explored the phenomenon of synchronicity alongside psychology, paranormal activity and even metaphysical/occult practices to develop his history-making theory and methodology.  An article in The Science And Medical Journal explains what moved Jung to dive into this line of philosophical inquiry against the grain of all held to be scientific and measurable:

“In his later works Jung moved towards a view that the inner psychic world and the outer physical world are aspects of a more fundamental unitary reality transcending not only psyche and matter but also space and time. This idea, the culmination of his interest in the transpersonal and paranormal, received its most far-reaching exploration in his writings on synchronicity. Simply put, synchronicity is the view that psychic and physical events that are not connected by any normal cause (‘acausal events’) nevertheless may be connected through the meaning they jointly express (as ‘meaningful coincidences’). For example, just when a patient was telling Jung a dream about being given a jewel in the form of a scarab beetle, a scarabaeid beetle appeared at the consulting room window. The image of the scarab beetle, which is a traditional symbol of rebirth, was deeply meaningful within this particular therapeutic situation. Jung took such parallel events both as evidence for and as expressions of the unitary nature of reality.”

What if absolutely nothing in your life is an accident?  What if you lived passionately and mindfully rather than carefully? What if, instead of fighting your natural inclinations, you leaned into them?


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