Orange And Gray Home Inspiration!

Aug 6, 2013 | Home Style

orange grey interiors


Orange & Gray.  This is a bit of a retro color combination, a rare pairing and an ultimate yin (quiet) and yang (loud) duo.  Orange, a fire color, and gray, representing the element of metal, actually destroy each other in nature given that fire melts metal.  That said, if you stir in a healthy dose of wood or earth element (like above, with the plants, wood table, wood floors) you can create an easily balanced gray and orange space that beams with calm radiance. 

orange decor


The square table, wooden box atop it, and large rectangles add more wood and earth to create an inviting rather than conflicted room.

orange grey


The juicy orange tones and very satiny gray find their center with a big wood desk, floors, abacus and organic art.

orange grey


See how the wood really burns when you add fire (the actual fire plus the fire of deep orange) to create a stable, grounded space with cool gray walls.

gray orange


Another view of the above office, here demonstrating the way deep orange  acts like a pulse in the otherwise mild and sedate environment.

orange gray

And ultramodern orange and shades of gray here find a sense of home with loads of wood and earthy neutrals.

If you have a home that is loaded with wood or drowning in the blahs of too much earthy color and material, grey and orange can revive your space and create a fresh start!


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  1. Q

    That first pic, wowza! I think this is what my kitchen needs. Thanks for the inspiration. 🙂


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