Big Art At Home Brings Big Energy To Life!

Aug 9, 2013 | Life With Art

elle decor

(Elle Decor) 

Art is a non-negotiable item in my life.  Without art, you miss a world of emotion, escapism, motivation, dream-creating and peace-making.  Art does not have to be a major endeavor. Painting can be done with a few tubes of acrylic, a canvas and a brush. Painting can be made with house paint, finger paint or watercolors. Art does not have to be perfect, it just needs to speak to you.  Here are a handful of astonishingly gorgeous rooms brought to life by big, bold painting.  Motivation for the day to get your art collection started! 

abstract art

I mean, do I even need to discuss how feelings emerge from this wall like poetry?!

living room art


 Glamour times a thousand in this room, created by one tall, bold, stately, golden painting…!

yellow art on wall


Its just a heart, but its more than a heart. It is sunshine and rain wrapped up in one. Without this painting, the room would be nothing more than a shell of itself.

art living room


Giant canvas can even sprawl propped along the floor.  This is maximum brightness.  Albeit not a painting but a framed map of the world, it is included because it can give you ideas for when mounting canvas on walls is just not possible.

art in kitchen


Minus the abundance of paintings lining the shelves, we have a pretty great kitchen, but with the art added its a dynamic playground showpiece of a space.

bright art


And this is just… wow!  I am pretty sure that custom-stretched canvas is needed to pull off something this big… but the room could be completely empty or filled with the most simplistic furniture and it would still be smashing!!!


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