Do You Have Personal Angels?

Aug 9, 2013 | Prosperity

don't give up


Every so often, I have been blessed with an angel.  When I really embraced a life and lifestyle that I was proud of living, the angels started to arrive with more frequency.  Sure, they are real people without wings, but that makes them no less cosmic.  The selfless and super-brilliant people that arrive just when you need them, the ones who push you further along to the next place you need or want to go- those are angels. When I realized I didn’t aspire to be “in control of others” (you know, the cartoon version of a “powerful person”) as a life goal,  I recognized that the coolest thing I could ever become is an angel for other people.  Helping for the sake of helping is real power from my point of view.  You may not believe in a benevolent universe. You may not think people help just for the sake of helping.  But, they do.  xoxo Dana


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